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Carpet Shampooing

09/22/2013 Back To Blog

Regular cleaning is an important part of home carpet maintenance. Using shampoo is one of the older means of carpet cleaning. A commercial shampoo coats the carpeting in a very thick foam, and pushes the dirt deep enough into the fibers that it becomes unnoticeable, then the following day, both the foam and the dirt are vacuumed away. Then, it uses an optical brightener to improve the look and make it seem brighter.Carpet Shampooing

There are a few different chemicals that can be used to produce the shampooing foam

One of the most common is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is also found in many hair shampoos. No matter what the chemical, there are a few characteristics which must be within the product. The foam must be stable and safe for the fibers, as well as able to spread enough that it does not make anything too wet. Checking the details of the product carefully is an important first step in this process.

There are a few different shampooing machines used in this method. A cylindrical foam shampoo machine compresses air in order to create dry foam, which is then applied into the carpet. Its brush agitates the fibers and the foam, mixing the two surfaces together and leaving them for a time so they can stick properly. After the machine is finished the homeowner simply takes a vacuum and sucks up the foam material and the dirt all at once.

The rotary shampoo machine works slightly differently. It has a rotary floor machine which sprays the shampoo out of a dispensing tank, and then the rotary brush beats the detergent on the carpet until it becomes foam. When using this, you must be careful not to harm the carpet fibers. As a result, you may wish to leave this method to a carpet cleaning company. When using any method, you also need to exercise caution with the amount of water spread into your carpet and allow it to dry completely, to prevent the need for mold clean-up and repair, as mold can grows well in wet environments.

Another thing to remember when using the shampooing method is that you have to remove all of the sticky foam, or it will linger and possibly collect more dirt over time. As the entire point of getting your home clean was to prevent the accumulation of dirt, you will not want that to happen!

An essential element of carpet maintenance is the ability to get the product clean. The shampooing method will trap dirt and then can be pulled out again using a vacuum. It will even brighten the carpet using an optical brightener, to give your home a fresh, neat appearance.

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