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Did you burn your rug?

Time for rug fire damage restoration. Get the best answers and solutions here.

What is the greatest enemy of carpets?

The truth is that carpets have many enemies. The worst one is perhaps moisture. Water damage can be eliminated if you keep them away from pipes, bathrooms and sinks. Specialists from Carpet Cleaning Pacoima consider mildew inspection important. Mold will grow if carpets won't be dried immediately. That's why they must never be placed or stored in basements. Fire is a great enemy, too. The smallest spark or cigarette burn can damage them.

Which stains are the worst?

Carpets can be ruined if they come in contact with chemicals. Many snacks and foods as well as drinks contain portions of chemicals and that's why they make terrible stains. Stain removal will also be hard if you drop motor oils and other strong chemical substances or detergents. Besides, this is the reason ecofriendly products are recommended for carpet cleaning. Pet urine is not good either. It will leave bad stains, bad odors and will be totally unhealthy.

Will my carpets re-soil quicker after they are cleaned by a technician?

Our technicians from Carpet Cleaning Pacoima use detergents that are specially made to remove the soil from carpets. They are also trained well enough to use them correctly, so it should not lead to sudden re-soiling.

Will carpet cleaning void my warranty?

Some carpet warranties could be voided. However, there are carpet companies that allow specific professional cleaners to conduct carpet cleaning. Just show them the receipt or proof that they were the ones you hired, and this should not void the warranty. Our specialists recommend taking note of these specifics to play it safe.

Can water cause rug colors to bleed?

This issue may occur when the amount of water soaked into the carpet is large. However, the problem may be due to manufacturing defects even when a small amount has been spilled. Oriental rugs are at greater risk of color bleeding compared to their other counterparts because of the way in which they are made and dyed. In general, quick drying is essential.

Does hot water help for stain removal?

No, it doesn’t. Even if you have blotted the stain first and there is no risk of it spreading, hot water can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers. You wouldn’t want to run into even greater trouble while trying to get rid of a stain.

Carpet Cleaning Pacoima

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