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How to Protect Rugs

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

All carpets are precious because they decorate our floors and need our attention since they cause significant problems if they get dirty. Dust mites growing among fibers can cause serious health problems, especially to those who are allergic to bacteria and fungi. So, the solution is not a one-timedirty rug cleaning, but good maintenance all year round. You might not see dust, but we assure you that it's there. When we are talking about handmade Persian rugs, which are also more expensive and often an investment to many people, we must also consider various ways to prevent damage and overall protection of the rugs. They can be contaminated by mold due to water damage or get ruined by moth larvae or direct sunlight, which might change the colors.How to Protect Rugs

Keep rug enemies away

There are several rug enemies and the best protection is prevention. Regular rug cleaning is always the best solution because it will you give you the chance to examine it thoroughly, reach out to areas under sofas and furniture, and see a problem at its birth. Handmade rugs are made by natural materials and moth larvae really love them. Don't panic just yet since larvae don't approach rugs in use. There is a possibility for such a problem to occur when you keep rugs stored for long in dark places. Since they are also sensitive to moisture, rugs should be wrapped in clean cotton sheets and be stored for short periods of time in low-moisture, well ventilated rooms.

When you put your lovely wool rugs on the floor, avoid placing them close to radiators for avoidance of water damage. Close the curtains to keep intense sunlight off the carpets if you want to avoid discolorations. It's actually good to change the position of the rugs occasionally and for this reason it's not a good idea to put heavy furniture over them. This way, you will also avoid dents. When furniture, which is not removed easily, is placed over rugs, you will most probably avoid cleaning under it and will make stain removal (in case you spill a drink) much more difficult.

It goes without saying that if you decide to do some home improvements or paint the walls, rugs must be removed prior to any task. The good thing with Oriental rugs and all types of rugs is that they are easily moveable. So, there is no excuse for not cleaning and beating them outside regularly since good maintenance will make wonders for your health and their condition.

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